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Quick reflections before looking ahead


About 12 months ago, as the new year was beginning, I wrote about lessons I’d learned over the course of 2019, reflecting on some of the people I’d lost during the year.

It’s preview day


District play has arrived for Scurry County basketball teams, which means I just finished stressing over the Winter Sports Preview.

Apply preemergence herbicide to avoid weeds


As soil temperatures cool, now is the time to plan for preemergence herbicide applications to eradicate common cool-season weeds like annual bluegrass and lawn burweed, said a Texas A&M AgriLif

Stick to your resolutions


With the new year about to begin, most people are trying to decide what their New Year’s resolution will be. 

Happy New Year


What a wild year it was.

I feel like I experienced a lifetime in 2020. 

Roger reviews Christmas music


What do you like in the way of Christmas music? 

Nothing beats music for getting me in the Christmas spirit. 

Ethanol is helping the COVID-19 vaccine rollout


Besides fueling vehicles, ethanol also plays an important role in the food preservation and beverage bottling industries with the carbon dioxide that is captured during the ethanol production proce

Solstice time has arrived


Monday will be the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, marking the end of fall and the official start of winter.