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Submit a wedding announcement online. Use the following form to describe your wedding, omitting any questions that do not pertain to your ceremony.

Give the resident city for all persons not living in Snyder. The wedding must have Scurry Country connections. Please double check spelling of names and cities.

Also, give the relationship of the persons involved with the wedding. For example: sister, uncle, cousin, etc.

Remember Wednesday is the deadline for publication in the Weekend Edition. All publications are subject to space available and editorial approval and editing.

The Snyder News publishes wedding announcements in the weekend edition only. Announcements should be submitted by noon Wednesday two weeks prior to the publication in the weekend edition. The family MUST proof the copy prior to publication and must submit an email or telephone number in order for the staff to contact them. When the family returns the wedding story to the newspaper, they will be informed of the costs, if any. • A standard wedding announcement will run free of charge. The announcement will include information listed on the wedding form and includes a photograph. • An expanded wedding announcement up to 1,000 words will cost $50 for publication and includes a photo. Expanded information could include attire worn by the bridal party other than the bride, church decorations, reception decorations, etc (see form). • An expanded wedding announcement more than 1,001 words with a photograph will be published for $100. If the family would like to run a color photograph of the wedding with an expanded wedding announcement, an additional cost of $225 will be added. Color photographs will run when available in the newspaper.

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